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Commercial Cleaning services in Bristol - Cheaper Clean

Commercial Cleaning Bristol

Bristol, Where it all started for Cheaper Clean, in 2008 the Cheaper Clean brand was born, We now have several staff and contracts across the city. Our company infrastructure is now set up for large and small contracts and we have spread to other areas. Our head office is still based in Bristol.

When choosing a commercial cleaning company don't step into the unknown! you do not have to take a chance in the hope of finding someone that can carry out this most important job! look no further than Cheaper Clean. At Cheaper Clean Cleaning Services we will help you achieve the results you are looking for without the gamble. Our experience in commercial cleaning says it all, thats why we are still here providing the best service for our clients old and new.

Before we take on any commercial work we will come onto site and give you a full honest appraisal of what needs doing and how best to tackle the job. We provide all the latest equipment and see the job through so you don't have to worry.

The environment that we work in says a lot about how we work as individuals. If a desk is not kept clean and tidy, folders filed in the correct order, if the phones are dirty or the rubbish bins not emptied on a regular basis, if dust is visible or the floor needs a vacuum not only creates less productivity but proves an ideal breeding ground to nurture bugs and germs detrimental to health and wellbeing, promoting a negative atmosphere to work in and giving the chance for your staff to be sick more often which can only have a negative effect on the ship and all who sail in her, a clean work area promotes higher productivity, a healthier environment amongst staff and a content and happy atmosphere which not only will the staff buy into but also your clients.

Our cleaners can provide regular cleans as well as one offs, we work close with the client because it's not difficult to understand that at most times commercial premises need to keep running so our dedicated team will work through the night if necessary to get the job done so our client does not have to lose business. As a company we try hard to keep up with all the latest technology to be able to use the best possible equipment to exact the job in the shortest time as to minimise any disruption. We use the best possible cleaning materials to optimise the required results leaving the client wholly satisfied being able to recommend Cheaper Clean to other people.

Over the years we have been cleaning offices, commercial garages and work shops, shopping centres, schools and colleges, as well as floor cleaning and polishing.

As an equal opportunity employer, where we can provide a person with a job (with the approval of the client) we will endeavour to do so, this should in no-way detract from the quality of your clean.

Affordable office & commercial cleaning services in Bristol

Are you searching for quality cleaning services that suit your budget? Our commercial cleaning in Bristol can provide all your cleaning services. We provide customers with affordable cleaning services. Cheaper Clean Bristol allows customers to pick flexible cleaning plans that suit their shops, offices or schools. We provide bespoke cleaning services with amazing results in the following fields:

  • Office cleaning

  • School cleaning

  • Medical cleaning

  • Hospital cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Retail cleaning

Commercial cleaning in Bristol combines dedication and competence to provide office and commercial cleaning services with integrity and hard work. We provide world class cleaning services with most advanced systems and processes to maintain our award winning standard. We improve on our innovative cleaning expertise by offering a wide range of award-winning office cleaning services to suit our clients.

Special Services

The Cheaper Clean services include our industry unique 1 month FREE cleaning, a bespoke Cleaning Checklist, an ON-Site-Supervisor (Where required) and standard checks from our Head Supervisor or area manager. Cheaper Clean offer a range of office and commercial cleaning services to suit every budget

Office Cleaning

Your office appearance is the first impression your customer uses to assess you. We transform offices with cleaning services that suit their prestigious busy schedules. We keep office cleaning standard high as the hallmark of our excellent service to customers. Our customised office services include:

  • Computer cleaning

  • Bin liner replacement

  • Dusting and polishing

  • Surface cleaning along with door frames

  • Floor and carpet cleaning

  • Toilet sanitising

  • Vacuum cleaning

  • Floor polishing

  • Cleaning of reception area


School Cleaning

Our school cleaning services cut across the adult education, colleges or universities, elementary, junior, or high schools system. We clean school environments with special apparatus used against sickness and other factors that can endanger the health of school children. Our school cleaning goes beyond mere dusting of classrooms, or removal of garbage, it extends to community health, safety and general wellness. School cleaning services help in guaranteeing the safety of both students and teachers. We have the cleaning capacity to purify, disinfect and sanitise the school environment.

Retail Cleaning

Our cleaning services can help retail business owners to overcome challenges of dusty looking items in their shops. We undertake consistent and thorough cleaning services to help shop owners meet busy schedules with customers. Our cleaning service provides professional retail cleaning with flexible plans to complete appropriate tasks for clients. We focus on retail cleaning details to clean the small areas that the general public can easily see within your retail shop. Areas such as the handrail, window frames and table corners can easily attract the attention of your customers. We extend cleaning services to your toilet and bathrooms to make sure they are hygienically clean for your staff and customers.

Medical and Hospital cleaning

We provide medical cleaning that can impact on the general wellness of patients and employees. Our comprehensive services cater for proper sanitising of soap dispensers, electric hand dryers, water conservation systems, air care and odour control systems, feminine hygiene, baby changing table auto sanitising, toilet seat sanitisers and urinal sleeves in hospitals. Our commercial cleaning in Bristol can take care of your hospital sanitation needs.

Carpet Cleaning

Our expert carpet cleaners can work on your carpets and make them look instantly like new ones. We have sophisticated washing machines in addition to stain resistance, flame retardant, anti static and deodorising treatment to brighten old carpet colours. Contact us now for:

  • Carpet and upholstery from smoke, urine, or pet odour

  • Removal of bacteria, mould, and body fluids

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning

  • Removal of fleas

Cleaning products

Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and pose no harm to materials they clean. They are hygienic and tough on bugs and germs. Our cleaning materials are powerful to penetrate into fabrics and remove stain or rust spots. We use eco-friendly cleaning products and other methods where applicable, as well as paperless invoicing and quotes.

Customer Relationship

We have a service culture of placing customer’s interest above the financial values. Our team will listen to you and provide the service request of your need to improve working relationship. Your suggestions and requests and the inputs we translate to provide your cleaning needs at home, office or schools. Our service reputation has earned us the best office cleaning company award among many cleaning firms in the south west of England.

Mobile Contact

We help customers by providing them with the mobile contact numbers of our area manager and head supervisor to call [where applicable] for out of hours queries or concerns.

Staff Strength

Our cleaners are trained on COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health) and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We have rigorously prepared our health and safety policy to make sure that our staff is safe, thus reducing the risk of staff sickness and loss of work hours. We handpicked our staff to make sure that our best service to customers in Bristol is delivered hitch free. Our service assurance to customers is that all our customers are DBS checked [previously CRB] for your peace of mind.

Updated: 15-07-2017