Retail shop cleaning

At Cheaper Clean, we know how important shop cleanliness is. If someone walks in to a shop with the most impressive stock on display, and friendly, helpfull staff, but the fixtures are dusty, floors are dirty, shop front covered in road dust, etc. people notice, this is a big factor in wether people buy from you, or simply go to a competitor.
Our professional retail cleaners are fully trained to look for, and clean all areas (wether visible or not), so you can rest assured that once our retail cleaning operatives have been into your retail premises, all areas will be beautifully cleaned to the highest standard, and your shop will smell clean and fresh.
Our area managers perform regular site visits and we have on-site supervisors to insure that all areas that should be clean, are clean. All contracts that we service have a unique, bespoke cleaning check list, each item on the check list is initialled by the cleaner once it has been cleaned, it is then checked by the on-site supervisor and signed off at the end of each shift.
We also do random site checks without telling the staff or supervisors to make sure that all of our cleaners and supervisors are cleaning to the extremely high standards that we expect from them, and that you will come to expect.
Updated: 09-07-2017